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sweet, fun & special hiding places

web of connection

Little paintings are found in nice, sweet and special places, hidden by nice, sweet and special people, at home and abroad: together they form a web of connection.

On a bench in the park, in a tree, hanging on a bridge... every place can be a hiding place for the little heARTs. Always in public spaces so anyone has a chance of finding one.
Together with Ben I go out to find a special place, there is always a little painting in my bag.
There are many sweet fellow hiders who take a gift with them on their adventures and travels when they go somewhere.

Together we make the world more fun!

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hiding places 2024

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The little hearts love to travel.
From Groningen
to Limburg,

of the North Sea coast

to the Achterhoek, from

Colombia to New Zealand, heart gifts get everywhere.

hiding places 2023

hiding places 2022

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