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together we make the world more fun

I`d love to color the world a little more beautiful

hARTkado.NU is a conceptual art adventure, created in 2012 from my desire to make a difference with small things. At a time when almost everything seems to revolve around money, performance and 'whatever it takes', I want to hear, see and feel a counterpoint. With this project I hope to amaze people and put a smile on their faces and thus make the world a little more beautiful.

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If every person

would make one other person happy, the whole world would be happy.


Wim Kan


Action &  reaction


In addition to connection, hART gifts call for action & reaction.
Each gift that is left behind
is attached to a card with information and a request to let us know where and by whom it was found and what you are going to do with it. Will it get a nice spot on your wall or will you pass it on to someone you love, or perhaps to your angry neighbor?

The responses are recorded and posted online to inspire others and bring them into contact with the positive things in the world.

Nice, sweet and special hiding places

Heart paintings are found in nice, sweet and special places, by nice, sweet and special people, at home and abroad and together they form a web of connection.
Always in the public space so that everyone has a chance of finding one.

Curious about the hiding places? CLICK HERE

heart paintings

Paintings of 10x10 cm,
always with a heart on them,

 use of acrylic paint and

recycled materials.


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A few years ago, Jolanda van Herk, who emigrated from the Netherlands to Ireland, read about hARTkado.NU in the magazine Margriet. She is a member of an art group in Ballaghadareen and was immediately interested and got in touch. A very nice email exchange followed. Her group was also enthusiastic, and they started researching possibilities in Ireland to distribute hART presents.

Together they have now painted over 100 canvases and created a calendar to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society and are planning more!

Click on the image to enlarge


Do you want to know more about them? Check at Facebook: Community Art Group Ballaghadereen.


10th anniversary hARTkado.NU

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